Privacy Policy

EC Surveyors LLP hold only essential electronic and paper records which typically include Client Contact Details input by prospective clients via this website when making an enquiry.  Contact Details provided by clients and prospective clients of EC Surveyors LLP are used only for purposes that are directly related to services undertaken by EC Surveyors LLP.  This is stored on our office computers, related internet ‘cloud’ based server services, and current office address only.  Paper records are only kept for Clients who have instructed us to undertake work.   Security measures are in place to protect this essential client data and no data will be shared without express consent.

N.B.  The transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of data sent to us electronically.  Transmission of such data is therefore entirely at your own risk.


Use of Cookies

Our website uses ‘cookies’.  These are programs that gather information about your use of our website.

Some of these cookies help us to improve our website and the service that we provide to you.  Such information will not identify you personally, it is statistical data about our visitors and their use of our site. This statistical data does not identify any personal details whatsoever.  There are other cookies which are used by third party services such as ‘You Tube’.  These effectively enable EC Surveyors and visitors to our website to make free use of their video streaming service (as further explained below).  EC Surveyors LLP only use cookies to ensure visitors to our website have the best experience.

N.B.  All computers have the ability to decline cookies. This can be done by activating the setting on your internet browser.

The main cookies on our website currently include, but are not limited to,  the following:

Cookies related to ‘GOOGLE ANALYTICS’: This enables us to gather statistical data on use of our website.  The purpose of this is to help us understand where  the website and search engines (i.e. Google) are performing well and where improvements could be made.  In other words, this helps us to improve our service.

Cookies related to ‘YOU TUBE’: This relates to any videos we have  on our website, enabling Google to keep statistics of how visitors use the You Tube video on our website. These are marketing cookies.  Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The intention is to display advertisements that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.  You Tube and others gain income from such marketing revenue, thus enabling them to provide a free video streaming service.  EC Surveyors LLP have no control over this marketing activity and gain no financial benefit other than the ability to provide a video link.